Saturday, May 30, 2009


By: David K. Solomon
26th Turquoise 2009 / 26th May 2009

U-Vistract System is set to launch its first trillion dollar hard currency on 08th Jasper (July) 2009 for circulation as national currency for Bougainville Islands. System Director, HM King David Peii II announced this yesterday at a gathering of enthusiastic government members and ministers confirming that Bougainville Kina is now in print overseas.

“This is our first gold-based hard currency to be printed and circulated here on the ground. We still have 7 more currencies including KM$, KPM, TKP, SPR, NS$, UVG and UV$ to be printed in our new global system” said the King who is also head of state of the region of Bougainville Islands. “Our reserve currency is UV GOLD which is both digital and physical.”

“Our Central Bank allows us to print up to BVK 4.4444 trillion based on our gold reserves but we’ll just start off with BVK 40.00 billion only. As you can see, the amount is too much for our small island nation compared to neighbouring PNG whose annual budget is a lousy PGK 4.00 billion.”

When asked about its convertibility, the King responded “The conventional international banking system has already accepted our currency in principle and is ready to convert it into other currencies like USD, AUD, PGK, SBD, FJD and GBP. That’s why we are now minting/printing it for circulation on the ground” the King explained.

“We have less than 5 weeks to go before the launching ceremony. Our affiliate governments overseas are hard at work undertaking this very important project.” Minting/printing is expected to be completed by end of June, a week before the launching.

It is understood that affiliate regional governments, organizations and nations have been invited to witness the ceremony. ENDS.

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